Enhancing B2B Digital Business Card Providers with Compelling Social Media Creatives


Client: Genius Card – a leading B2B digital business card provider.

Challenge: Genius Card needed to maximize their LinkedIn presence to attract potential clients and partners but lacked the expertise and resources for effective management.

1. Profile Optimization: We optimized their LinkedIn profile to improve visibility and searchability by strategically updating their company description and incorporating relevant keywords.

2. Content Creation: We developed engaging posts highlighting the value of digital business cards, positioning Genius Card as a thought leader in the industry.

3. Engagement and Networking: We implemented a targeted strategy, fostering connections with relevant professionals through outreach, industry group participation, and timely responses.

1. Increased Visibility: Optimized profile improved search results, increasing visibility to the right audience.

2. Thought Leadership Positioning: Engaging content established Genius Card as a trusted authority, generating discussions and growing followers.

3. Expanded Network: Strategic engagement expanded connections with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners.

4. Measurable Results: Regular performance reports tracked metrics, allowing for ongoing optimization.

Outcome: Our management of Genius Card’s LinkedIn presence positioned them as a leader, expanded their network, and drove meaningful connections, resulting in increased visibility, brand recognition, and business growth.

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