Opencart to Shopify Migration Service

Why choose Shopify over OpenCart?


While OpenCart remains a popular platform, Shopify’s comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and scalability make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations, enhance their online presence, and drive their e-commerce success.

Ultimately, the decision to migrate depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like your technical expertise, growth aspirations, and desired level of control over your store to make an informed choice.

Migrating from OpenCart to Shopify can be a strategic move for your online store, offering several advantages over your current platform. Here are some key reasons to consider making the switch:

  • Effortless: Ditch tech hassles – Shopify’s hosted platform is easy to manage, even for newbies.
  • Scalable: Grow fearlessly – Shopify adapts to your business boom, handling massive traffic smoothly.
  • Powerful: Add unlimited features with Shopify’s vast app store, tailor your store to perfection.
  • SEO-savvy: Rank higher organically – Shopify’s built-in SEO boosts your online visibility.
  • Always secure: Relax – Shopify takes care of security and PCI compliance, giving you peace of mind.

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What Data you can Migrate from opencart to Shopfiy?

  • Name, SKU, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer.
  • Meta Title, Meta Description.
  • Quantity
  • Price, Special Price.
  • Product Tags EAN-13 UPC, EAN-13, UPC.
  • Additional Images.
  • Name, Description, Status.
  • First Name, Last Name, Email, Newsletter.
  • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, First Name, Last Name).
  • Billing Address: (Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, First Name, Last Name).
  • Address: (Street Address, City, State, Country, First Name, Last Name).
  • Order Date, Order Status, Order Products: (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, Discount Price, Tax Price, Total Price, Order Comments Shipping Price, Shipping Price.
  • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone).
  • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name).
  • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name).
  • Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Coupon Expire Date.
  • Created Date, User Name, Comment.
  • Title, URL, Description.

Why Choose our opencart to Shopfiy Migration Service?

Certified Shopify Developers

The adept Shopify developers at Emerge are always prepared to execute migration processes at competitive rates. You can have your online store transitioned to the newest version, ensuring heightened security measures, and without any compromise on data integrity.

100% Uptime

The experts at Emerge guarantee a seamless migration process, ensuring no orders are lost in the transition.

Reasonable Prices

We assure flawless migration of your store from OpenCart to Shopify at best-in-the-market rates.

100% Security

The Emerge team ensures the confidentiality of your data throughout the migration process.

Migrate Data Effectively

With the help of Shopify experts, automatically migrate data such as products, orders, customers etc. from OpenCart to Shopify with high accuracy.

Quick Delivery

The proficient experts at Emerge will conduct the OpenCart to Shopify migration, ensuring timely delivery of your store before the deadline.

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