Website design and development for automation industry

Website design to provide a full range of lining solutions for the market and customers.
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The Project:

Precise is technology-driven and specialists in the design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating Siemens Automations products. 


They came to us with a problem of how to present so much information they had which was too technical and easiest way, The client vision was the user should understand how precise can help their business with few secs. 

The Solution: 

We were given a brand uplift with interesting colors and brighter shades of blues and yellow to show energy, dynamic nature, and trustworthiness.

We created infographics which represent the full circle of what precise is all about to their clients, so they can consume this content is the easiest way.

We used Iconography to depict the technical information.

From Information architecture, we categorized their offerings as Solutions, Products, Software and made them easy to navigate.

We used interesting banners out of machine images to make the pages stand out

Brand Colors and Typography

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