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The Project: Atharva Realty is a young, dynamic, professional company specializing in bringing effective residential projects to life. They bring housing solutions that change lives for the better with premium design, affordability, and approachability.

Problem: Our clients were looking to develop a real estate website for their business. A website that highlights beautiful spaces which can make sales cinch and gives viewers a walk-through experience in premium homes.

Solution: Our team Emerge digital and came up with lively and comfortable designs for the business which created a  pleasing layout that can intimidate the viewers. We tried to add more human elements to the website by adding high-quality photos with warm colours which can create an open-feeling and scannable layout. We created a friendly feeling throughout the website with icons that make the interaction feel casual and simple.

Essential elements for a real estate website were taken care of by adding testimonials, pointers, quality videos, and many more.

We designed and developed a new website that  probably made consumers realize it could be home to be serene,tropical-looking and comfortable.

      • Warm colours
      • Humanizing design
      • Typography
      • Super customizable
      • Virtual tour
      • Professional photographs
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