[Success story] Client Interview for Website revamp, design and digital marketing services

From frustrations, confusions to peace of mind, clarity and sense of completeness , Here is Amit Tripathi’s story


Amit is a founder of NorthStar Wealth Management, Mumbai.

He is a modern entrepreneur who knows the power of digital, he has extensive corporate experience and always looks to do something different than his competitors.


He came to us for his website revamp, Branding and Digital marketing solutions for this company


We did a little QnA with him, so let’s check out. 


  1. What was your problem before you partnered with us?


We were not at all happy with our earlier website which was very dull and academic . There was actually no communication for the clients.  It was all theory and had no feelings. Also our marketing strategy was not giving us any good results.


  1. What results do you get from our service?

What we have today is a website which is rich and lively. More importantly it connects. There is empathy and emotion in all forms of communications, be it pictures or language. At the same time it takes care of communicating our services and products at appropriate places without overwhelming the prospects. We are also doing laser targeting in our marketing and applying very personalised touch in every communication with our potential customers


  1. What kept you from buying our service sooner?

The Emerge Digital team is quite empathetic in their approach. They are very strong on creatives and strategy and they make an effort to understand our needs . They provided us with 360 degree feedback and that helped us get a perspective from clients level. This personalised service has really helped us and we want to continue our relationships.


  1. What exactly did you like most about service?

Very strong in strategy. Empathetic, Strong domain knowledge. Most importantly they are very helpful and frank in their opinion as to what is important, and where and when to spend. This helps us budget accordingly.  


  1. Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

Speak to the team. Trust them. Give them freedom. Priya has an excellent connection .Sandeep and team provides the valuable IT architecture  


  1. What was your main concern that would have prevented you from buying this, and what put your fears to rest?

Unnecessary spend was the main deterrent. Most service providers were more interested in  getting us to spend on activities which made no sense and had no relevance to our target segment. These guys charge for what is necessary and important. They deliver on that. They hold for different areas of SEM, SEO , Websites, App etc.



  1. If you were to recommend service to your best friend, what would you say?

Great people to work with. 



  1. What made you choose [our product/service] over anything else you could have done?

Professionals are better in handling these jobs. Give it to them. 


  1. What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of our service?

Transparency, honesty, creativity. 


  1. What was life like before you started with our service?

Frustrating and costly 


  1. What is life like now that you’ve experienced service?

Peaceful. Sense of completeness 


  1. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about our service?

Honesty about what and where to spend.

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