Kyom Fragrances Elevating the Online Fragrance Experience with Shopify

Kyom Fragrances - Elevating the Online Fragrance Experience with Shopify
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Kyom Fragrances, a purveyor of artisanal perfumes, approached Emerge Digital seeking a captivating online store to showcase their unique and luxurious fragrances. Their existing website lacked the elegance and functionality needed to convert visitors into loyal customers.


The primary challenge was to create an online store that reflected Kyom Fragrances’ brand identity – sophisticated, artistic, and focused on the emotional connection with fragrance. Additionally, the existing website lacked conversion optimization elements, hindering sales.


  • Shopify Website Design
  • Conversion-Centric Product Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Swatch System
  • Functional Improvements
Shopify Website Design

Emerge Digital built a user-friendly and visually appealing Shopify store that seamlessly integrated with Kyom Fragrances’ brand. The clean layout and strategic use of white space emphasized the product photography and storytelling elements.

Conversion-Centric Product Pages

Each product page was meticulously crafted to maximize conversions. High-quality product photos showcased the fragrances’ beauty, while compelling descriptions highlighted their unique notes and emotional impact.

Responsive Design

The website was designed to adapt flawlessly across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience for customers browsing on desktops, mobiles, or tablets.

Custom Swatch System

A custom swatch system was designed to allow customers to virtually experience different fragrance notes, enhancing their decision-making process.

Functional improvements

  • Sticky Add to Cart Bar: A prominent “Add to Cart” bar followed users as they scrolled through product pages, keeping the purchase option readily available.
  • Quantity Limits: Implemented quantity limits to manage inventory and prevent stockouts for high-demand fragrances.
  • WhatsApp Automation: Integrated a WhatsApp chat functionality to enable real-time customer support and personalized fragrance recommendations.

Instant Checkout: Streamlined the checkout process for faster and more convenient purchases.

Imagery and Iconography

Iconography was used throughout the website to visually represent key concepts and services. These icons were designed to be simple yet meaningful, enhancing the overall user experience and making the content more engaging and easy to digest.

Color Theme

A sophisticated color palette of purple, beige, black, and gold was used to evoke luxury and a sense of artistry. Purple, the primary brand color, added a touch of elegance, while beige provided a neutral backdrop for product photography. Black accents accentuated key elements, and gold hints conveyed a touch of exclusivity.


DM Sans, a clean and modern sans-serif font, was chosen for its legibility and ability to complement the overall design aesthetic.


Subtle and elegant icons were used to represent key features like “Free Shipping” and “Secure Checkout,” further enhancing the user experience.

Overall, the new Shopify website for Kyom Fragrances resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and conversions. The clean, conversion-focused design, coupled with the luxurious brand experience, successfully attracted new customers and established Kyom Fragrances as a premium online destination for fragrance enthusiasts.

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