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Symbo is an insurtech company, aiming to become the world’s largest embedded insurance distribution platform.

Symbo is a part of Symbo Platforms Pte, a Singapore-based Insurance Broking company that also runs Symbo Platform – An Enterprise SAAS platform for insurance companies to manage their distribution. The future of insurance is digital, and insurers of all sizes need to transform fast.

Symbo’s platform gives its partners the power to make the shift quick, agile, and seamless. They do that by working closely with retail, e-commerce, and digital companies to bundle relevant and intuitive insurance products in their customer’s purchase journey.


  • New website launch
  • Rebranding
  • Creating engaging content
  • Website Redirects

Content Buckets

  • Company Inside pictures/ videos
  • Employee pictures/ team members with details / exp
  • Partners
  • Reasons to choose us / about us
  • Rebranding / MVG
  • For what all categories / embedded insurance space is Symbo applicable
  • USP
  • Client/ partners list
  • FAQ
  • Platform feature
  • Symbo solutions
  • Achievements
  • Success stories
  • Director’s Vision
  • Webinar/ videos
  • Testimonials
  • Case study
  • Moment marketing
  • Latest news/events
  • Poll
  • Myths & Facts
  • Do you know


  • Importance
  • Why to choose
  • Procedure
  • Benefits
  • What we do for them
  • #SymboFacts
  • User Journey
  • Blog


  • Research & Development of the brand.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Calendar for social media.
  • Complete rebranding on social media.
  • Targeting their potential partners for their Embedded Insurance.


  • Website + Logo Rebranding Campaign


Moment Post
Entertainment Post


  • Our main focus was to totally rebrand Symbo in the social media space.
  • #ReImagineRisk #ReImagineInsurance
  • The objective of the campaign was to showcase their newly built website & logo by us. It was a complete rebranding of SYMBO & we wanted to make sure the main mission & vision is being communicated to their audience in the best way possible.
  • Our campaign was to highlight and integrated towards,

✓ USP Of the Brand

✓ Brand Core Values

✓ Brand Colours

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