Bombay Master’s Print Association


The Bombay Master Printers’ Association is a well-networked association of print providers, pre-press, pre-media specialists, post-press and converting, package printing, agencies; And printers’ suppliers i.e. manufacturers and traders.

In this age of cross-technology solutions and a communication cycle that is ultra-dynamic; one that is continuously pushing the limits and reinventing the means; the BMPA acknowledges the growing inter-dependence amidst the printing technologies and allied media and communication processes.


  • New website launch
  • Creating engaging content
  • Website Clicks

Content Buckets

  • Paper-based printing
  • Moment marketing
  • Latest news/events
  • Procedure
  • Sustainability
  • Blog
  • #BMPAFacts
  • Articles for Print Technologies
  • Articles related to Improving print business
  • Business-related blog
  • #UnwindWithBMPA
  • Polling (Audience poll in some trending news/ business updates etc)


  • Research & Development of the brand.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Calendar for social media.
  • Engaging the members of BMPA organizations & from the print industry.


  • New Website Launch Campaign


Entertainment Post


  • The focus of this campaign was to launch their new website. 


  • The objective of the campaign was to showcase their newly built website by us. It was a complete rebranding of BMPA & we wanted to make sure the main mission & vision is being communicated to their audience in the best way possible.
  • Our campaign was to highlight and integrated towards,

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