Website design and development for bed and bedding company

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Website design to provide a full range of lining solutions for the market and customers.
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The Project: 

Bed and Bedding is India’s one of the Retail Mattress stores which is mainly located in Pune and situated in many places as well. Bed and Bedding provide different varieties of mattresses according to body size.


Our client was looking to develop an eCommerce website for their business. Bed and Bedding is a premium quality Mattress and Protector store, as they wanted to revamp their website and create a good user experience.

Their previous website was dull with very few functional animations and content. They wanted more specific content with all the features and benefits of the products.

After evaluating the problem we designed a new layout and design for our client.


Our Team Emerge Digital came up with colorful designs for their business which created a pleasing layout that conveyed the premium quality of products.

We tried to add human elements to a few graphics and also by adding more content in videos, graphics, and better structuring of the products.

Our main focus was to make the user experience simpler and to make the customers come and stay on the website for a long time

Brand Colors and Typography

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