Website design and development for packaging industry

Website design to provide a full range of lining solutions for the market and customers.
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Our Client:

Tion Packaging is a specialized solution and technical consultancy, for the packaging industry in South Asia & UAE. They believe in giving tailored solutions according to the need of the customers.

The Problem: 

Tion had an old theme website that was outdated and wanted to revamp it by us. They wanted to make the user experience easier and straight up to the point by showcasing the different lines of solutions in just a quick fraction of time.

The Solution:

We understood our client’s requirements and did research and created a layout out of the vision and created one of the interesting websites to browse for their visitors.

We added different colors, graphics and added a few functional animations to the website to give a look and feel.
We made a website that was quick up to the point for the end-users and they can find the solution in just one click, which would save their time and energy.

Our main focus was to get the vision of our client in the form of the website and give the best experience overall.

Brand Colors and Typography

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