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Website for Saas Company Volofin
Website design to provides trade finance and working capital solutions through its next-generation technology platform built on blockchain.
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About VoloFin:

VoloFin is a fintech organization that offers flexible and competitive trade finance solutions to SMEs. It provides trade finance and working capital solutions through its next-generation technology platform built on blockchain. The solutions provided by VoloFin answer the unique funding needs of SMEs and empower them for global growth.

The Problem: 

While they had a strong product to revolutionize the growth of SMEs, their website could not effectively convey its ideology, products and unique features. There was a lack of seamlessness in the website. The navigation was restrictive and did not effectively convey the necessary information. The design incorporated fewer graphics and heavily relied on text. An absence of a clear layout and a distinct visual identity was observed.

The Solution:

When the VoloFin team tapped us for the solution, we at Emerge Digital adopted a clear and well-strategized approach. We understood what the core of the brand, the problems they faced and all the ambitions they had for their website. This was reflected in our work. Our team delved deep into thorough research, multiple brainstorming sessions, strong cross-team collaborations and design thinking. With a solution-based mindset and a work culture to put forth only the best, we created an exceptional, efficient and seamless website for VoloFin.


1. Strategy and Research
An integral component of our work for VoloFin was applying our thorough UX audit and research process for enabling an exceptional website user experience. Our team worked endlessly to make sure that the final interface looked good and effective while also operating efficiently and intuitively. Our website design strategy aimed to boost their performance 10x.

2. Building Website
We built VoloFin’s new website on WordPress. Our expert team made the website well structured and highly functional. We enhanced the navigation and developed user flows that boosted performance for every page of their site. New, well-defined pages were added and features of their products were highlighted. This optimized the user experience and conveyed the information effectively. With Emerge Digital by their side, VoloFin had an extraordinary website ready to fulfill their extraordinary dreams.

3. Power of Visual Identity
Our team gave the power of a strong Visual Identity to VoloFin. We developed a persuasive visual language for the brand, making it stand out from the rest. Images, icons, graphics and animations were added to make the website visually stimulating. We worked endlessly to create a website where every single visual element felt united, both aesthetically, and in purpose.


We put our heart and expertise into the work, and the result was a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient website that had a strong visual identity to make it stand out. The website was ready in only a few months, fully equipped to boost business and realise its vision.

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