In this digital era, everything has turned out to be so online friendly that your business needs to be one of them for your brand to grow. 

Before sparing any further time of yours, let us discuss the main agenda of our blog tutorial today. In this blog, we are going to break down the best of 5 platforms to cherry-pick in 2021 when converting your brick-and-mortar store into E-commerce or when you are wanting to move to another platform.


Top 3 Best E-commerce Platforms in India 2021


A non-hosted E-commerce platform, Magento is extensively created for the coders who are on the lookout for a flexible and powerful system that is modifiable.
According to a recent study, it is noticed that over 270000 retailers opt for Magento.
Magento is one of the most popular online store-building platforms and it covers 20% of all eCommerce shops, making it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.


  • Customizable platform.
  • Sufficient availability of marketplace extensions.
  • Community support with a wide range of tutorials and debugging opportunities.
  • It is immensely extensible. So, no need to worry while upgrading later.
  • Integrated effortlessly with emailing platforms such as Mailchimp.


  • Still at a growing stage so developers and businesses might switch to another platform in the near future.
  • Beholds quite a complex and long structure. So, to come up with an online store, a very professional team of developers and testers is required.


The most popular hosted Ecommerce platform today, Shopify is an all-rounder E-commerce website builder. Shopify empowers more than 1 million users. Going with the Shopify website will boost your website to another level and give your business a good push. Going for a Shopify website definitely needs good expertise and knowledge about the same which comes with the Best Marketing Agencies offers.


Why to choose Shopify?


Shopify has gained an excellent reputation for its stunningly easy, self-hosted platform. It sponsors plenty of opportunities, such as templates and themes so you can design an online shop that is different from your brand. It can appear daunting to have to begin from scratch building your online store, however, Shopify provides new users with plenty of resources.

Using Shopify Experts in India

Although Shopify’s website building platform is easy to maneuver, like any website, it can take time and effort to create the best-looking website. There are Marketing Agencies who have the best skills and expertise in the same field who can advise, give tips and even build your Shopify for your brand.

Order Management with Shopify.

You can manage your applications efficiently online through the many resources available to Shopify users. Your business no longer requires offline order processing and record tracking because Shopify can do all of this for you. There are useful apps for all necessary and optional business needs, such as inventory and order management. Shopify, a large e-commerce hosting platform headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, has erupted over the past decade. It has become a staple for online retail brands across the globe, being present in India since 2013. According to Cartinsight, there are 243 Shopify websites in India reaping the benefits of gaining a self-hosted, easy-to-navigate platform for their online brands. This number is expected to grow. If you’re involved in using Shopify for your website, there are many things you should know.


  • Shopify enables you to use a large number of add-ons and offers you 70+ professional themes (with free 9 themes).
  • SEO friendly.
  • Integrates with other sales channels
  • 24/7 customer support – customers can reach by phone call, email, or live chat. Support provided in 19 different languages. Support content is also available.
  • Provides point of sale for retailers.


  • Can be relatively expensive as compared to other platforms.
  • Demand little technical proficiency


WooCommerce is built on a WordPress platform providing E-commerce serviceability to all the WordPress platforms. Out of all the E-commerce websites today on the internet, For WooCommerce you must have well-skilled expertise performing the same for your business which can improve your business performance by making it more flexible and easy to operate.


  • Configuration is easy as WordPress is effortless to get familiar with.
  • Does not require servers as it is based on WordPress.
  • Add-ons and themes are handy at no or low prices.
  • WordPress provides a huge support community.
  • Free to install and use for a lifetime except for some.


  • Probably not the right platform for companies that are either middle to large or are looking to expand their business.


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