Website for Insurtech Company

Website for Insurtech Company
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About the Client:

Our client Symbo is a B2B insure-tech organisation. It provides relevant and comprehensive protection plans to the customers on the products they buy, right at the point of purchase. Be it retail, logistics, fintech, or any other business, all of them can embed Symbo’s insurance coverages to their products and achieve increased customer satisfaction and revenues.

The Problem:

Symbo had a valuable product to offer to the market. However, their website was not holistic. The website lacked a clean and organized layout. It was crowded and cluttered with too many graphics and information. The website did not communicate a uniform and cohesive visual language. It was not able effectively to communicate the message. This made the website less effective and persuasive.

The Solution:

With a work ethos of providing only the best, the team at Emerge Digital started the quality work for the project with an intent to bring forth the best of and for Symbo. We worked on the website beginning from the core, applying the essential design and website principles. We gave the website a clean, structured and intuitive layout that made the visitors engage and interact more with the website. The new website had a seamless experience, enhanced functionality and turbocharged performance.


1. Research and Strategy
We carried out extensive research and study to create a great user experience. We understood the customer journey and engineered a seamless flow for the website. We incorporated a strategized approach and navigation to boost the performance and engagement of the visitor.

2. Building Website
We built Symbo’s website on WordPress. Our team focused on giving it the best functionality, making it industry-oriented and providing an optimized user experience. With Emerge Digital’s effective design, easy-to-follow navigation and a distinct visual language; the website was ready to scale new heights.

Visual Identity:
We, at Emerge Digital, take visual identity and design very seriously. We realise the integral role it plays in the success of a business. We equipped our client Symbo with this power of visuals and design. We identified a color space and developed a visual language specifically to aid visual recall and brand awareness for Symbo. All the graphic elements, animations, icons, images, colors and typography came together as one story narrated beautifully.

Brand Guide
With our expertise in the industry, we offered a Brand Guide to Symbo. We equipped them with design guidelines that enhanced their logo and helped communicate their brand identity and values in a better and more effective way.

What did months of research, strategy and heart-work result into? A holistic, seamless, and industry-perfect website to bring in more business.

Brand Colors and Typography

Brand Colors Symbo
Typography Symbo
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Symbo Mobile Mockup
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